Welcome to my web page. This is a comprehensive site where you will find prints drawings, collage, textiles and other things of interest. My main objective, after close to 30 years of producing work of all kinds, is to provide a format for people to get a chance to see what I do and am most passionate about.

 The galleries are arranged by specific thematic series where applicable and otherwise by  similarities that recur in my work. One of my goals is to have one collective place where one can see the connections and variations that have taken years to evolve.  

 The necessity to keep pace with current templates of communication has motivated me to create this place on the web. It is my chance to exhibit more than could ever fit into one show and a way to promote the kind of work that I have immersed myself in since a very early age.

 Printing in general has always reflected the cutting edge of industrial and technological innovation and many processes have been left behind for more efficient and flexible methods. I have grown up to see most everything I ever learned about the trade and art form become obsolete in practice but not in basic premise. I love all aspects of printing both old and new and want to use this site as part of a personal effort to maintain the legacies and embrace new directions.